Thursday, November 13, 2008


Welcome to the updates on our family and lives, as well as my random thoughts and possibly (though hopefully not many) rants.  I have been looking for a way to update those near and dear about our lives here, and I hope you get joy from reading this as I am getting it from sharing.  I wish I could talk to you all in person more often, but for now, with this season of life being relatively busy, this will have to do!  :)  I will write more later, but for now...welcome!


Lisa said...

Hi La La!

I think this is a brilliant idea! A blog is perfect for a busy mom / woman such as yourself. I loved seeing all the photos and seeing your MOM! Wow. That was great. Thank you for sharing and keep it up so we can stay up to date on each other's lives. I always want to have you in mine no matter how.

Love to you all,

LeeLee, Mark, Abbby & Danny

Meme said...

Hi LaLa and Lee Lee and anyone else who sees this!
What a wonderful idea my darling daughter! I just found this today, the Monday after Thanksgiving! I am not using the dejazzd address for family correspondence, I now use so everyone be advised!
The pictures are great, La, can't wait to hear the rants, ha ha!
Love to you all, oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox